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Have you noticed that some of the buttons on your iPhone are either broken or faulty? Are you having trouble turning your iPhone on and off? It could be due to a number of problems, normally either a battery issue or a broken or faulty iPhone button.

iPhone buttons receive the most wear and tear on any Smartphone and if the phone has been dropped or roughly handled, some of the internal components affecting the power buttons or connections could be damaged.

A great way to diagnose to see whether the fault with your iPhone buttons are due to the battery or internal connections affecting the buttons is by checking to see if your phone's battery is dead or faulty by charging it overnight and then trying the power button again. If the buttons still cause you problems then it's more than likely that they are at fault.

There are repair kits available on the market, but working with very small, delicate pieces is always a risk as you may damage the phone even further. Plus you may be working on trying to fix faulty buttons, only to find that it was the battery at fault. Our  technicians can save you time and effort and our professional diagnosis and repair will minimise the risk to your phone. We may be able to quickly retrieve any data you have on your phone too before it is lost.

Tech Master Cardiff are able to repair the buttons on your smartphone for a variety of makes and models.
Whether its volume buttons, power button, home button or any other we can get it repaired or replaced.

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